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Wireless Sensors for Turbine Blade Tip-to-Casing Cold Clearance Measurements

Gas and steam turbine manufacturers of fossil power plants have long used hand-held feeler gages to measure turbine blade tip clearances and inspect the roundness of the TBC linings at access ports provided for that purpose. With new construction and at overhaul, turbine blade tip-to-casing clearances at room temperature must be properly set.

Philtec has developed the wireless non-contact sensor system CMS3400 to replace manual feeler gage methods. As a technician slowly jogs a rotor thru 360° of rotation, Gap and Angle data pairs are simultaneously recorded from 4 rows of blades and saved to a USB flash drive for offloading and data analysis. CMS3400 is a four channel wireless sensor system that digitally captures the full 360° picture of  blade tip-to-casing roundness and clearance data. This product represents a major advancement in the state-of-the-art.

Sensor ModulesTip Clearance Data

MORE INFO AT  Wireless Sensors for Blade Tip Clearance

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Introducing Wireless Sensing


Philtec has developed an accessory pack BAP 2.0 that enables any Philtec mini-DMS Displacement Measurement System with RS-232 output to be run in wired or wireless modes.
Sensor & Bluetooth Module
BAP2.0 includes:

  • Bluetooth Battery/Radio Module
  • USB Bluetooth Micro Adaptor
  • 15 Ft. Mini to Standard USB Cable
  • 1 Ft. Sensor Data Link Cable
  • Operating Software
    Bluetooth Module

Power Requirements
USB @ 500mA

Time To Charge: 4 Hours
Run Time: 10 Hours w/full charge

Standby Mode: 4 Weeks
Run Time: 3 Hours After 4 weeks Standby
Max. Data Rate = 900 Samples/Second

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