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Glass Shape Gaging

The shape of curved glass windows in automated production lines is typically measured using LVDT contact sensors. When the glass is very thin and light, normal pressure of the LVDT probes tend to move the glass from the holding fixture and corrupt the measurement. Philtec’s non-contact FODS (Fiber Optic Displacement Sensors) solve the problem.

This month Philtec has delivered 100 sensors for a gaging station at a European automotive glass window manufacturing plant (50 for the driver side, and 50 for the passenger side). These sensors are very accurate, and prevent movement or scratches on the glass.


The model RC171 FODS is a reflectance compensated optical sensor with 15 mm operating range. It is insensitive to part-to-part reflectance variations as well as to ambient lighting interference. Data from a set of 50 probes is read in less than 1 second.

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USB Powered Sensors

µDMS-RC22 & USBIntroducing our smallest and most powerful digital sensor series with USB output: the MicroDMS series (µDMS). Powered via any standard USB port, or multiplexed via any standard USB hub, this new sensor series boasts a maximum data sample rate of 16,000 samples per second in a 145 gram enclosure of LWH dimensions 75 x 50 x 23 mm. With Philtec’s fully-featured DMS Control freeware, this sensor is a powerful solution to many measurement problems.

With its miniaturized size and USB power, it is an ideal solution for high density workstations where space is at a premium. Sensors can be stacked together to form the most compact arrangement. For example, 6 sensor modules can be stacked together in a space of 132 mm.

Contact our application engineering staff to explore the possibilities the µDMS series offers for you.

6 sensor boxes

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