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Blue Light Sensors


Blue Light Sensors for displacement measurements on extremely hot targets.

Metals emit light energy in the red spectrum when heated above 600°C. Red-glowing parts interfere with displacement measurements of optical sensors that use red lasers or LEDs as the light source.

Tests run by Philtec engineers demonstrate there is no detectable light energy from hot targets in the blue wavelength spectrum.

Sensor probes and tips exposed to temperatures >600°C are constructed with exotic materials that can withstand extreme temperatures such as:
– fused silica (quartz) fibers
– ceramic adhesives
– high temperature alloys

– gas turbines
– glass forming ovens
– glowing metals and ceramics
– hot steel processing

The combination of blue wavelength and exotic material technologies allow displacement measurements to be made in extremely high temperature applications.  Tell us about your application.  Our engineers will help you configure sensor systems meeting your requirements.

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