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Sensor Probe Installations with Tilt

Sensor probes are to be generally mounted normal (perpendicular) to a target surface. With some applications, such as displacement of a cantilever beam, the target surface rotates as deflects. In other applications, due to installation constraints, the probe can not be mounted normal to the surface. In applications where tilt is unavoidable, what sensors can be used?

Our latest application note Sensor Applications With Tilt provides guidance on sensor performance and selection.


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Fiber Optic Displacement Probes in Liquid Oxygen

When the cryogenic medium is Liquid Oxygen (or Liquid Natural Gas), calibration in water is a better approximation than calibration in air:
Air Refractive Index = 1.000
Liquid Oxygen Refractive index = 1.221
LNG Refractive Index = 1.286
Water Refractive Index = 1.332

A sensor’s operating range is extended in proportion to the ratio of the refractive indices.

For example, to calculate a sensor’s response in LOX, first calibrate the sensor submerged in water. Then remap the displacement data by the ratio 1.221/1.332.

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