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USB Powered Sensors

µDMS-RC22 & USBIntroducing our smallest and most powerful digital sensor series with USB output: the MicroDMS series (µDMS). Powered via any standard USB port, or multiplexed via any standard USB hub, this new sensor series boasts a maximum data sample rate of 16,000 samples per second in a 145 gram enclosure of LWH dimensions 75 x 50 x 23 mm. With Philtec’s fully-featured DMS Control freeware, this sensor is a powerful solution to many measurement problems.

With its miniaturized size and USB power, it is an ideal solution for high density workstations where space is at a premium. Sensors can be stacked together to form the most compact arrangement. For example, 6 sensor modules can be stacked together in a space of 132 mm.

Contact our application engineering staff to explore the possibilities the µDMS series offers for you.

6 sensor boxes

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