Introducing Wireless Sensing


Philtec has developed an accessory pack BAP 2.0 that enables any Philtec mini-DMS Displacement Measurement System with RS-232 output to be run in wired or wireless modes.
Sensor & Bluetooth Module
BAP2.0 includes:

  • Bluetooth Battery/Radio Module
  • USB Bluetooth Micro Adaptor
  • 15 Ft. Mini to Standard USB Cable
  • 1 Ft. Sensor Data Link Cable
  • Operating Software
    Bluetooth Module

Power Requirements
USB @ 500mA

Time To Charge: 4 Hours
Run Time: 10 Hours w/full charge

Standby Mode: 4 Weeks
Run Time: 3 Hours After 4 weeks Standby
Max. Data Rate = 900 Samples/Second